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We Make Stuff for the Internet

Get ready to reach into our bag of tricks and take your business to the next level. With successful campaigns alongside fashion, lifestyle and tourism brands, we specialise in digital and content marketing, strategic planning and website optimisation to grow your business bottom line, not just your followers. If that sounds like something that matters to you, let’s get started.


Are you on the hamster wheel that is content creation and want to get off? We can help with that.


No matter if it’s your first or if you are looking for an upgrade, it’s the perfect time for a new website.


Feel like you’re shouting into a void? We hear you. Let’s put your business on blast.


Let’s Bring Your Creative Ideas to Life.

Chalkboard Digital is a bespoke digital agency located in South East Queensland, Australia. Founded in 2010, developing email marketing for real estate agencies, we have grown into a full-service digital agency focused on elevating your business by developing your online presence and digital marketing. Grow your business, enjoy the process and have more time to do the things you do best (or want to do).



What we can do for you.

Marketing, Digitally.

Digital Marketing, including Email Marketing Setup and Campaign Management, Pay-per-click Marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation Development and Management.

Your Online Storefront.

New e-commerce website builds using Shopify, WordPress or Squarespace, Existing Website Optimisations and Maintenance.

Where Are You Now?

Audits, Strategic Planning and Competitor Analysis for existing Websites, Digital Marketing, Ad Campaigns and Social Media.

Get Social.

Social Media and Content Marketing Management, Content Creation (Photography, Videography) and Graphic Design.


Featured Work

When it comes to our clients, nothing tastes as good as happy feels. Or something like that. We want you to feel good about working with us, enjoy the ease of the process and outcomes, and rave about us to all your friends. Below are some examples of our work. We’ve recently updated our website; more examples and details are coming soon.


Pitbar Smoker - Chalkboard Digital

Content Creation

Pitbar Smokers

  • E-commerce/Lifestyle Photography
  • Social Media Video

Content Creation

Laneway Promotions

  • Studio Styled Photography

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